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Friday, 16 November 2012

A tiny post about BackUp for Children in Need.

This is my facebook status but for my twitter followers...

Right seriously dudes. Back up and especially the bit of back up I work with closely, their youth services, gets funding from children in need and believe me I am proof as a participant and now as a volunteer of the amazing positive impact this charity has on children, their friends and families lives. The course I led for under 13s this summer and services surrounding it are funded by many generous pe
ople and thanks to children in need hopefully more people will be made aware of both spinal cord injury and also the amazing lives us crazy (and increasingly normal...honest!) lot lead thanks to back up. So If you're thinking of giving any tonight please do for me, coz this is probably the one thing in the world that is really in my heart (other than Angus and political satire, green day and david Tennant) . It has had a massive impact on my life choices and way I live my life. I wanna work in bloody outdoor therapeutic education because of it for crying out loud! Give them money so back up can continue to support amazing kids, coz believe me the ones I've met, will continue to meet and hopefully had a good impact on along the way, are simply amazing. :)

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