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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Quick response to a newspaper cartoon: British government's attitude towards people with disabilities, and i mean "real ones"...

This sums up the current British government’s attitude towards disability pretty well…”oh wow you can win a marathon, you don’t need dla…”
Followed a link on twitter today...and there was simple but informative article in the mirror about how many actually think the paralympics has had  a negative effect upon people's perceptions of disability..

Now, as a very bad person (apologises to History skills) I'm going to sort of sit on the fence, but dangle two legs over one side...personally, i think the paralympics have been great for what people think of people like "me" as not only, to be a paralympian or just cool like me and do cool things, i have to adapt and use different things to function as an "ordinary" human being and then on top of that to do the things i do...well...i just do extra..A lot of people are now aware of that, (and have been for sometimes) but instead of going 'oh isn't she marvellous?" every time i roll into they don't need to!  Which is good, right? But sadly some people only see the superhuman mask, which being big headed, we deserve...but some, especially those who think they know it all, like our government, forget the "human" side.

So here's my initial reaction to the article/cartoon:
No, you Tory twonks. if i, and a lot of other people didn’t have dla we wouldn’t have the money to do ordinary stuff that then enables us and allows us to do ordinary stuff that then enables us and allows us to do “amazing things”…what i do, doesn’t just come out of thin air it comes from me being able to afford, thanks to dla, petrol so i can travel independently, wheelchairs, prescriptions, extra medical supplies, rent is higher in accessible housing(when you can find it) the list goes on….being a para is expensive and in order to be ‘me’ i have to have the tools to make myself into who i am…but sadly this government will probably take away benefits from people like me but will allow lazy arseholes who refuse to have ambition and are quite happy sitting at home, slip through the net. while people like me who yes, have physical “issues” but are open and adapt and strive to live life to the full will suffer…Do they not realise that these cuts to people who are able to work will make amazing, skilled people stuck at home and won’t be able to work and so..hmmm triple dip recession? So not only will people not be able to get in shops to spend money (access here is shit)…they won’t be able to work in the first place and that, my friends is why i am like…you know what, I’ll do what i do and hope that i enlighten myself and a few others and be happy. Sometimes, most often to be honest, you can change the world without trying.

I'm sure you can all pick at it, and argue...but seriously...

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